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Network analyzer--Keysight ES, Options and Test set--Keysight NA, Options 1E1 and Display conventional single-ended and mixed mode S-parameters Re-normalize test data for nonohm devices Achieve high measurement accuracy with full four-port vector error correction Perform fast, accurate, automatic calibrations with easy to use NA four-port electronic calibration ECal module Calculate important parameters with powerful user defined displays Gain additional insight with time domain analysis option Description The Keysight NA balanced-measurement 50 ohm single ended makes complex characterization of fully balanced or balanced-to-single-ended RF components a lot easier. Devices such as differential filters or amplifiers, baluns, and balanced transmission lines that were once difficult to measure using a conventional two-port measuring system, can now be completely and accurately tested with Keysight's balanced measurement solution.

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The fast-transition pulse can stimulate a transmission path, device or network with a broad-spectrum signal in a single instant. Such a pulse is essential for many of the high-speed broadband measurements that we need to make; for instance in time domain reflectometry, semiconductor test, gigabit interconnect and port test, and in radar system test. The generators are typically used to drive broad spectral content into a 50 ohm cable, connector, RF semiconductor or other device under test. The reflected or transmitted pulse can then be monitored and displayed 50 ohm single ended a broadband or sampling oscilloscope.

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